dasion mixing station equipment expertise in quality than the price of good equipment What is considered good equipment? Specializes in quality, superior price, each customer trust, and that is good equipment. dasion mixing station equipment will be the reason why the majority of customers, this and our innovation efforts are inseparable. dasion machine has been constantly improved and perfected, so that the entire production lines have tended to perfection. A ban on site concrete mixing concrete policy also opened up the market for the commodity. UMC through continuous research and development and introduction of advanced experience, has made a lot of mature experience and practical application in the Concrete pump supplier development of mixing station equipment, get a good foundation in the economic and social benefits, the continuous progress and improvement, only now flourish today. Buy things to pay attention to shop around, but more on the basis of the focus on quality than price. dasion mixing station equipment during the ongoing cost of manpower and resources to the development, material prices and the market prices of let colleagues overall prices have started to rise, but UMC mixing station equipment did not always rise. Specializes in quality, than the price, which has been the center of thought and development coordinate our development. UMC and commitment to the project from the initial project of thoughtful technical advisory services, to provide you with a full set of equipment up, and for your future business site layout planning, infrastructure construction design, equipment installation, Daipei operation, maintenance technicians, until you production of qualified products to provide a full range of services. Thinking of Chinese concrete equipment industry development strategy With the development of the national economy, in the development of related industries, our concrete equipment enterprises have in the past 10 years rapid development, but the rapid expansion of production capacity, a complete lack of strategy, lack of management philosophy and awareness of risk control lag for a number of future development of enterprises of potential problems, which is perhaps the rapid economic development will inevitably bring about negative phenomena. Availability of concrete equipment industry as a whole, compared with the industrialized countries there is a gap, a comprehensive evaluation of product quality, management, product development and manufacturing experience, etc. are backward and Western countries. Domestic product quality gap with foreign countries mainly in the refinement of manufacturing deficiencies, which indicates that our manufacturing has not yet formed its own solid industrial culture, yet the "precise, timely and careful" thinking completely throughout our equipment manufacturing. Innovation is not only reflected in the development of new products, but also reflected in the existing "manufacturing methods and procedures" of innovation. "Craft" should be respected. Information technology transformation of traditional manufacturing industries to enhance the value and functionality of the manufacturing sector. Information technology can not exist in manufacturing, information technology is a part of the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing sector is to improve the product features, enhance product value means. In manufacturing, information technology is to improve the "craft", play a "craft" of the booster. Some domestic enterprises extensive management model led to poor product quality, production organization randomness too large. Small Concrete Pump Concrete Mixer Rapid expansion of business scale, management tools and thinking behind not keep up with the requirements of the development, not development of a sound management rules and regulations and work processes, controls the production and operation of enterprises will be seriously hampered progress and improve the level of the enterprise, resulting in survival issues. Companies to seriously study and formulate a complete design production processes and evaluation work program is an important means to improve. In response to the above, the domestic industry should be clear concrete equipment industry concept, in order to better determine the division of the industrial base of knowledge and direction of vocational training, contributing to the development of vocational education, personnel training application for the enterprise. Domestic enterprises should learn from foreign advanced management philosophy and management style, combined with national conditions and their own corporate culture, enterprise information management. By using IT tools, information management, can achieve the efficient operation of enterprises, reduce production lead time, production ready pre-specified goals and improve operational efficiency.

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